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We Accept Medicare for Sleep Treatment

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For people without traditional medical insurance who are worried about being able to afford sleep apnea therapy, we have good news: Medicare can be used to pay for a sleep oral appliance, and EZ Sleep Solutions is happy to accept many different Medicare plans as well. And, depending on your particular plan, Medicare can be used to cover much more than just an oral appliance. Our team can make the claim process nice and simple--we’ll handle all the paperwork so you can save as much as possible without having to stress or wait. To learn how we could use your specific plan to help pay for your sleep care, give us a call today.

What Will My Medicare Cover?

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Medicare can be used to cover sleep studies, doctor visits, and any equipment that is used to treat sleep apnea, including custom oral appliances. This can dramatically lower the overall costs for a patient and make their care much more affordable. Every Medicare plan is slightly different, however, so we recommend contacting our office ahead of your first visit so we can verify your benefits as well as give you an estimate of how much you’ll be expected to pay out of pocket.

Using Medicare with EZ Sleep Solutions

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If you have Medicare, then you likely know that using it always requires a lot of paperwork. Patients have to prove that a treatment is necessary, make sure the care provider is approved, and keep track of all kinds of documentation to gain access to their benefits. Needless to say, this can be a huge hassle, so much so that many patients simply avoid seeking out treatment.

At EZ Sleep Solutions, we’re ready to help you through every phase of the sleep apnea treatment process, and that includes filing your claim with Medicare. Our team is very familiar with the ins and outs of several plans, so we’ll make sure you always have the forms you need and that documents are filed on time so you can receive your coverage and treatment in a timely manner. Basically, with us, once you give us a call, we’ll handle everything else.

Have Questions? Ask Angela!

Angela, our Insurance Coordinator

If you’re ready to take control of your sleep apnea and not break the bank in the process, be sure to ask Angela, our Insurance Coordinator, about Medicare. She’ll answer any questions you might have and make sure you always know what to expect throughout the care process. You can afford top-quality sleep apnea treatment, and to learn more, give us a call today.