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Medibyte Jr. At-Home Sleep Test Device – Mangum, OK

A Convenient Way to Analyze Your Sleep

Results of Medibyte Jr. at-home sleep test device in Mangum

If you suspect you have sleep apnea or another sleep disorder, you might hesitate to get tested. After all, the idea of spending a night in a laboratory with a bunch of machines hooked up to you may not sound appealing. We understand your concerns, which is why we have invested in an at-home sleep testing device that you can borrow for a night. That device is the Medibyte Jr.

How the Medibyte Jr. Works

Sleep apnea diagnosis on white paper surrounded by medical items

The Medibyte Jr. is a small device that you can easily hook up to yourself. It consists of a small monitor that rests on the chest and tiny tubes that fit into the nostrils. You will don the device according to the detailed instructions that we will give you, and then you will simply go to sleep. The machine will monitor your blood oxygen saturation, respiratory inductance plethysmography (movement of the chest and abdominal wall), pulse, body position, and airflow. After you complete the test, you’ll return the Medibyte Jr. to us so an expert can analyze your results and confirm whether or not you have sleep apnea. It’s that easy!

Benefits of the Medibyte Jr.

Man in pajamas, happy he used at-home sleep test

Undergoing a sleep test with the Medibyte Jr. offers some major advantages:

  • Accurate diagnosis. The device’s advanced technology provides all the data necessary to diagnose sleep apnea and/or monitor the effectiveness of sleep apnea treatment.
  • Ease of use. Most patients find that the instructions for setting the Medibyte Jr. up are easy to follow. (They even come with pictures to make the setup process as simple as possible.)
  • At-home sleep testing is usually covered by insurance. Even if your insurance does not cover it, you will not have to pay an arm and a leg because at-home sleep tests typically have a much lower price than laboratory sleep testing.
  • It might feel strange to be hooked up to a machine while you sleep, but the device should not greatly interfere with your nighttime comfort.
  • With laboratory sleep testing, you have to deal with the hassle of traveling to the clinic, sleeping in an unfamiliar bed, and more. The Medibyte Jr. sleep test offers a much higher level of convenience because you use it in the comfort of your own home.

Tips for Your Sleep Test with the Medibyte Jr.

Patient and doctor in office discussing sleep test procedure

Here are some suggestions to help you make sure that your sleep test with the Medibyte Jr. is a success:

  • The day of your test, follow your normal routine as closely as possible (although we may ask you to not consume any caffeine after lunchtime)
  • Don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about how to use the Medibyte Jr.
  • Sleep in your normal position
  • Wear a shirt so the device’s straps do not irritate your bare skin

Would you like to learn more about at-home sleep testing with the remarkable Medibyte Jr.? Contact us today to ask questions or request a consultation. 

Sleep Study FAQ’s

Close up of part of a take-home sleep test on patient’s hand

A sleep study is your first step toward a better night’s rest. To make it convenient and comfortable for you, we offer at-home sleep tests. We know this will be a new experience, which is why we’ve included the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about take home sleep tests. Read on to satisfy your curiosity and learn more about this wonderful service we provide.

Why Are At-Home Sleep Studies Important?

It’s estimated that around 80% of sleep apnea cases are left untreated, and one of the main reasons is that the condition is difficult to recognize on your own. If you start to recognize symptoms like drowsiness, loud snoring, or waking up gasping for breath, it’s up to you to contact us for a sleep study. This is the easiest and most effective way for us to determine whether or not you’re affected by sleep apnea. An at-home sleep study can show exactly what’s going on while you’re trying to get shuteye, allowing Dr. Dustin C. Lively to give you a proper diagnosis.

Is the At-Home Sleep Study Uncomfortable?

You may be apprehensive to commit to an at-home sleep test, however this service is completely comfortable and pain-free. In fact, you should find it relaxing knowing that you can try to get your rest as normal, only this night’s sleep leads to real answers and real results.

How Can I Ensure that My Sleep Study is Successful?

A successful sleep study is all about allowing the various devices that measure your sleep to get accurate results. That’s why you should do all you can to give yourself the best chance at a good night’s sleep. Make sure you’re in a cool, dark, and cozy environment. If you like some sort of sound while you sleep, consider using a fan or a white noise machine to help you doze off easier.

How Long Does a Sleep Study Take?

A sleep study lasts for your entire night of rest. You will go to sleep around your normal bedtime, making sure that your sleep study devices are correctly in place. From there, you’ll begin your night’s sleep. Once you wake in the morning, your test is done! It’s as easy as that.

What Happens After the Sleep Study?

Even just a single test can produce over 1,000 pages of data, which is one of the reasons why they’re so effective at measuring your sleep. You’ll return the sleep measuring devices, where a trained sleep professional will analyze this significant data and create an evaluation of your sleep. From there, we can examine the diagnosis and recommend the best treatment option for you. All that’s left to do is to start on a more restful way to sleep with one of our amazing solutions.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today!