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Are They Reliable? 3 Myths About Home Sleep Tests

July 20, 2020

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Close-Up of Finger Sensor for At-Home Sleep Test

Many of the symptoms of sleep apnea can also have other causes, so you’ll need to have a sleep test performed in order to have your sleep disorder properly diagnosed. Having these studies performed in a lab can be expensive, uncomfortable, and anxiety-inducing, which is why at-home home sleep tests are often recommended instead. However, there are a number of myths that sometimes cause patients to avoid having home sleep tests done; in this post, you’ll learn the truth behind 3 of these myths and why they’re nothing to worry about.

Myth 1: Home Sleep Tests are Inaccurate

As a matter of fact, modern home sleep tests are more advanced and reliable than ever. While it’s true that you need to follow the directions given to you closely in order to avoid errors (for example, making sure all the monitoring tools are correctly and securely attached), a home sleep test done correctly will give a certified sleep physician a clear picture of your blood oxygen saturation, breathing patterns, heart rhythms, snoring, and body position – all key factors in detecting the presence of sleep apnea.

Myth 2: The Measurements are Incomplete

Some patients think that because the study doesn’t take place in a lab, the equipment involved can’t measure all of the relevant information. That said, if you look at the device used for the sleep study, you’ll find three key sensors: one for measuring airflow and breathing patterns through your nose, one for checking body position and respiratory effort (meaning how easy or hard it is to breathe), and one for monitoring your blood oxygen and heart rate throughout the night. This information is enough to get a clear diagnosis for common sleep apnea; that said, if a more anomalous sleep condition such as narcolepsy is suspected, an in-lab test might be required.

Myth 3: You Won’t Know if the Results Are Accurate

Once you’re done using your testing kit, it will be sent to a board-certified sleep physician, who can use the information that was gathered in order to create a full report of your sleep. Once you receive your results, you can go over them with your sleep test provider. They’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about the results. You can thus rest easy knowing that your test will have been looked over by an expert in the field and that you’ll have a reliable physician to address your concerns.

Getting the answers you need about your sleep apnea is the vital first step for enjoying quality sleep again. Don’t be afraid to ask about sleep apnea testing at home; it’s a convenient way to get the information you need while still being able to relax in your own bed.

About the Author

At EZ Sleep Solutions in Mangum, Dr. Dustin Lively is thrilled to be able to improve the quality of life in his hometown by bringing friends and neighbors highly reliable sleep apnea therapy. For patients who need a sleep test done at home, he can provide the MediByte Jr. device to measure the appropriate vital signs. To schedule an appointment or learn more about the testing process, visit his website or call (580) 782-2027.

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