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At-Home Sleep Testing – Mangum, OK

Sleep Testing Made Easy

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Before a patient can get any type of sleep apnea treatment, they must have a proper diagnosis from a certified sleep physician, which is obtained using something called a sleep test. This works by monitoring a person’s breathing, heartrate, and other vital signs while they sleep in order to reveal the symptoms of sleep apnea. In the past, a patient would have to spend a night in a sleep lab to complete one. If sleeping in a foreign bed while being connected to various tubes and machines doesn’t sound like the most restful experience in the world, you’re not alone! Sleep tests are intended to capture a “typical” night of rest, but your traditional sleep test is anything but normal.

That’s why at EZ Sleep Solutions, we’re happy to offer our patients at-home sleep testing. This gives patients the freedom to sleep in their own bed so the test itself can be more accurate. Our sleep apnea dental office can supply a patient with an easy-to-use device that is much smaller than anything you’ll find in a lab, ensuring they’re able to adequately rest while getting the treatment they need. To learn more about at-home sleep testing and arrange one for yourself, contact us today.

MediByte Jr

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The MediByte Jr is the actual device we use for at-home sleep testing. It consists of a small monitor that sits on the chest and is connected to tiny tubes that fit comfortably in the nostrils. It only takes 5-10 minutes to set up, and it allows a patient to sleep in whatever position is most comfortable for them. After spending the night with it, a patient will return the MediByte to our office, and we’ll send the readings to a sleep physician who will evaluate them and make a diagnosis.