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Product Videos

EZ Sleep Solutions will be introducing new innovative products with accompanying videos soon.

Product Videos are short, playful skits produced for each of our featured products.

Please refer to Video Archive for past videos.




Product Videos

Bath by Bettijo Aromatherapy Stick

Molly sprays her favorite scent and wakes up Henry now he can't sleep. The snooze fairy delivers the sleep aromatherapy stick. Henry can't get over how good it smells and off he goes.

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Cool-Jams Pillow Case

Lady Menopause wakes up with hot flashes and then gets chilled changing her pillowcase over and over. Commentary by the Sleepless Gremlin.

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Hearos Ear Plugs

If you lived thousands of years ago and suddenly a pair of pink earplugs appeared what would you think? Jacob and Diedre have a past life connection around snoring discover how.

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Hyland’s Insomnia Homeopathic

The spouse of an insomniac speaks out or rather sings out about her difficulties and how Hyland's Insomnia Homeopathic remedy is a life saver.

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Low Blue Light Glasses

Henry is constantly on the computer night after night and then Molly joins him. He’s annoyed that she is disturbing him. In the end they’re both wearing the low blue light glasses as they nod out in front of the computer.

Product Details: Stylish polycarbonate framed glasses provide complete rejection of the light known to cause suppression of melatonin.

Pillowsonic Pillow Speaker

The Insomniac likes listening to music at night but it disturbs her spouse. She tries speakers, earbuds and finally Pillowsonic pillow speakers. Perfecto!

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Sleep Master Sleep Mask

A new neighbor’s outdoor light streams into Henry and Molly's bedroom. They try one eye mask after another until they discover The Sleep Master Sleep Mask

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