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Below is a collection of product videos previously featured on the Videos main page. Please refer to the sidebar for an alphabetical list of videos by product name.


Ecotones Duet Adaptive Sound Therapy

Edwardo lives smack in the middle of Little Italy and can’t sleep. Clarissa shows him 3 different sound machines and he falls for Ecotones.

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Happy Company Head Trip

Henry's bedtime rituals don't agree with Molly who scolds him for waking her up. The sleep fairy brings them both Head Trip Scalp Massagers and they are in ecstasy together.

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Kay Anna Flannel Pajamas

The insomniac tries different sleepwear and finally gets it right with plaid flannels. The Sleepless Gremlin provides commentary on her sleepwear choices.

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Mountain Rose Herbs

Wanda has sleep problems and has tried everything. She is desperately looking for a new sleep remedy. She gets introduced to sleep herbs. If "she can try it" so can you.

Product Details: Bulk herbs and aromatherapy products.

Sleeptracker Wake up Monitor

Alex has trouble waking up in the morning so uses a loud ringing alarm clock. He's grumpy. The snooze fairy delivers the sleep tracker and he's a changed man.

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Soleil Sun Alarm Clock Radio Dawn Simulator

Diedre has a new job and has to get up at 4:30am. She can't seem to wake up in the dark. She has tried everything then finally finds Soleil…like a sunrise it wakes you up.

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Yahtzee Slots Pocket Pogo Game

The Insomniac's favorite sleep tool is Yahtzee. She goes on a business trip to the Country Inn and wolves are howling outside. Luckily, Mildred the Innkeeper has a spare Yahtzee.

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Zeo Personal Sleep Coach

Manny has poor sleep hygiene binging late at night. He's tired during the day and hyper active at night. His visit to the sleep doctor helps him change his ways.

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