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Sleep Enthusiast of the Month

Rich Cullin


One would think retirement might promote a better sleeping situation. But years of cues and interfering habits are hard to break. Always known as a “light sleeper” by my family, any sound was detected by Dad in the middle of the night. But those kids have moved to new addresses.
So what is stimulating the brain to stay ON? I believe it is the computer monitor. Such an unnatural light oscillating at unnatural rhythms. Can one stop at a certain hour to give the brain a chance? My recent aid is simple. Shut all the lights off. Light a candle. Stare at it! Let the mellow steady rays at low lumen signal the body it is the natural time to sleep. It takes a minimum of twenty minutes and every ones cues are different. But the animal instinct connected to natures light rhythm is a piece of the sleep puzzle.

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