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About EZ Sleep Solutions

EZ Sleep Solutions has evolved its vision into a single purpose – develop and showcase programs that reduce stress through mindfulness and humor. Most health & sleep organizations agree that stress is a primary cause of insomnia.

EZ Sleep Solutions will focus exclusively on stress-induced insomnia and the sleep/wake cycle by presenting products & programs that deal directly with stress in a simple, light-hearted and beneficial way.

To learn more about these programs please contact Joan Boccafola at joan@ezsleepsolutions.com.

Our History

EZ Sleep Solutions was launched in 2007 as a one-stop source for sleep accessory products serving the hotel and bedding industry. The company represented a network of 20 suppliers offering a wide range of spa, relaxation and sleep accessory products. In 2011, the company launched its consumer website to bring its message directly to consumers. The Website explored sleep and insomnia from an alternative and light-hearted perspective featuring natural sleep products, videos, articles, interviews and humor.

EZ Sleep Solutions’ founder, Joan Boccafola, suffered with insomnia for 30+ years experimenting with dozens of sleep aids, herbs, pills and products. Through this journey she managed to maintain her sense of humor and now uses this humor along with real life experiences and gained wisdom to introduce and promote products and programs that lighten the load.